Easy-way to learn VIM and read its awesome manual

Giacomo Mantani (@Vim_StarLy)


About Me

  • 25 years old italian boy
  • Command-Line addicted
  • Computer Science and Engineering background
  • Love: Learn, VIM and Haskell


You can find this presentation at:

About Vimly


Deliver weekly or daily an excerpt from the official Vim Manual and some practice exercises.

Theory + Practice = Course


Motivation I

  • Let even lazy people to RTFM
  • Help both beginners and advanced users to memorize (see Deliberate Practice)

Motivation II

In addition, reading an official manual let you:

  • Stop reinventing the wheel
  • Use all the power/features of whatever is explained
  • Save time, money and fit of anger


Scientia potentia est. 【Knowledge is power.】


I would have liked something that is:

  • Easy to develop
  • Easy to deliver
  • Easy to use/read
  • Easy to maintain




  • You can read them anytime anywhere
  • No login required
  • I can use a static site; fast, secure and easy to deploy (Hakyll ♡)


  • I cannot sell your private data because it is not required (I am proud of it)
  • There are not interactions between users
  • I must deal with spam filters & Co
  • Mailchimp has a bit narrow customization (A lot of manual email editing)



I have already mentioned my love for VIM, as many of you ;)

In addition:

  • Too many plugins “reinvent the wheel”
  • VIM power is too underestimate, editors grow like fungi

And there is another problem:

Really few people read the manual entirely!

Life Cycle

  • Vimly idea pop up at the end of July 2017
  • Contacted Bram Moolenaar for authorization
  • Bram endorsed the project
  • Online at the end of August 2017
  • Improving… Helps welcome :)

State of Art

There three different versions available. Each one can be daily or weekly.

Basic Pro Full



Knowledge Summarized





49 Euro

99 Euro

  • All subscriptions grant you to lifetime access to the course.
  • It is fully refundable
  • 50% of donations goes to ICCF Holland.

Email Example

You can find an email preview (Pro version) HERE.

Get in touch


I really enjoy spread knowledge, sharing information and being helpful.

New Ideas? Are you interested in another particular manual? Padrino Book ☻?

Let me know, we could collaborate!

About Twitter

  • Newborn account
  • VIM Tip each weekday

What do you like to receive as tweets?

Final Thoughts

Even an awesome practical course is not enough to learn VIM. Try to practice whenever it is possible and share VIM’s awesomeness with others.